Frequently Asked Questions

Answer your most common questions about remote learning at the NBCCOC.

What is “Remote-Hybrid Learning” ?
Remote learning at the NBCCOC means learning without attending in-person. The NBCCOC uses Zoom/Teams as our virtual or remote classroom.  In a remote-hybrid course, faculty employ a mix of synchronous (live video class meetings) and in classroom attendance to maximize student attendance and engagement. Please speak to a staff member about which programs offer remote or hybrid learning as not all programs offer this option.

Your instructors or a staff member will provide all the resources (books, online courseware and Zoom/Teams login) you need to learn remotely. We advise students to check their emails for updates from their instructors.

Does my teacher offer virtual/on campus office hours?
During the first week of class your teacher will provide you with their scheduled office hours and how to schedule an appointment.

I missed some important class information? Who should I contact
The NBCCOC uses email and other contact information you provided. Please contact administration to let us know if this information needs to be updated.

Do I have to be vaccinated?
No. Applicants do not need to be vaccinated in order to participate in programs onsite.

Are masks required?
No. NBCCOC and the State University of New York do not require the wearing of masks at this time.

How do we access the ATTAIN Lab? 
The ATTAIN Lab Technology Coordinators (LTCs) will have courses and Apps that can support your learning. To access the services of our ATTAIN Lab, please complete the Enrollment Form. You must be enrolled to access Lab services.

Are books provided? How can I pick up books?
Digital Textbooks/and or access to learning applications are provided for the term. Login information will be provided once classes start. Please speak with your Counselor for specific information.

Who do I ask for technical assistance?
If you need help accessing your Zoom and/or Essential Education accounts please contact admissions at  (718) 547 1001.

If you need assistance with ATTAIN Lab applications, please contact the ATTAIN Lab Coordinators at:

North Bronx Career Counseling and Outreach Center ATTAIN Lab

Evelyn Poole, ATTAIN Lab Coordinator
Karen Wilson, ATTAIN Lab Coordinator
(718) 547-1001, Ext. 210

What type of technology is required for online and hybrid learning?
It’s recommended that students have access to a personal computer or laptop. Phones can also function but are not the best option for using some online applications, taking notes, and exams.

What do I do if I don’t have access to a computer or the internet?
While the NBCCOC does not have Loaner Devices for student use, we may be able to provide resources for a purchase of a computer. Please contact the ATTAIN Lab for details of these resources. Access to discounted internet resources can also be provided through the ATTAIN Lab.

What If I experience obstacles?
You should inform your teacher of any complications you’re experiencing and let them know beforehand if possible.

Do I have to be a NYS resident to register for classes?
Yes, you must be a NYS resident.

What are the registration times?
Walk in
Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m.
NOTE: Evening registration hours are available by appointment.