About Us

The NBCCOC is administered by the University Center for Workforce and Academic Development (UCAWD) and is part of an integrated statewide system. The center offers GED, Microsoft Certification, Google IT Support Certification, ESOL, college advisement/assistance, job readiness/search, academic assessment, community outreach, career counseling, and referrals, along with a unique blend of remote hybrid academic and vocational training programs.

We are committed to serving the educationally and economically disenfranchised population supported by collaborative partnerships within the surrounding communities.

NBCCOC staff group picture.

Our Mission

The Mission and goal of the NBCCOC is to provide quality academic/vocational training programs through a supportive service delivery system that is designed to assist students in seeking greater/enhanced levels of self-sufficiency, confidence, and community consciousness along with empowerment through the development of  a hard work ethic combined with academic advancement.

Our Values

Empowering Upward Mobility

  • Community-Minded

    We are a vital part of our community. We welcome our community to the center to take advantage of opportunities upgrade their skills and gain new knowledge. We also seek to contribute our skills and efforts to improve our local community by providing valuable vocational and academic services

  • Collaborating & Partnering 

    This reminds us we won’t thrive without each other’s strengths. For us, collaboration means communicating and growing together, helping and supporting each other for the sake of a collective goal; uplifting our community

  • Diversity

    We at the SUNY North Bronx embrace the cultural diversity of our community. We accept all cultures into the center and seek to learn about the unique perspectives of people from cultures different to our own.

Our Team

The people at the North Bronx CCOC are ready to help guide you through admissions, academics, and career counseling. Meet some of the leaders on our staff:

Partner With Us

Founded in 1997, North Bronx CCOC is dedicated to supporting the North Bronx community and beyond while providing opportunities for academic and vocational training for the past 25 years. We do not stand alone in our mission — our partners have always been an integral part of our community.

Any Questions?

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